Analog Display Outdoor Wall Clocks with Thermometer and Hygrometer

Choose from both classy traditional or contemporary wall clock designs as we list the best designs and offers below. We prefer the white dial wall clocks with white hour/minute hands which do offer improved time reading intelligibility from a far distance.

La Crosse Technology produces outdoor atomic wall clocks for accurate time keeping. These can automatically adjust for daylight savings time and uses radio signals to sync with the US central atomic clock. They have analog hygrometer and thermometer sub dials for you to easily view the weather conditions outside your home.

La Crosse Technology Atomic Wall Clock With Analog Temperature & Humidity Display

la crosse technology wt-3181pl-int 18 inch atomic outdoor clock with temperature & humidity

Keep track of time with the utmost precision while working in the garden, splashing in the pool, or barbecuing on the patio with this 18-inch outdoor atomic wall clock from La Crosse Technology. Radio-controlled by the national atomic clock in Colorado, the clock resets daily to the hour, minute, and second for continued accuracy. Additionally, the clock adjusts automatically for daylight savings time. Equipped with a thermometer and a hygrometer, the clock also assesses and relates temperature and humidity levels to help users protect seedlings from frost, avoid over-watering finicky plants, and take precautions against an icy walkway. Surrounded by a sleek silver-painted plastic frame, the clock face features black 1-1/6-inch-high numbers for easy visibility. Elegant, black metal hands tick off the hours and minutes. For temperature and humidity readings, the clock face displays two small analog gauges. The hygrometer gauge measures from 1 to 99 percent relative humidity, while the temperature gauge gives readings for temperatures from -10 to +130 degrees Fahrenheit, or -30 to +60 degrees Celsius. On the backside of the clock, the user selects the appropriate US time zone; the clock accommodates Eastern, Central, Mountain, and Pacific times.

la crosse technology wt-3143a-int 14-inch atomic wall clock, black

This plastic-framed wall clock measures 14 inches in diameter and looks most at home hanging in an office or business setting. However, this clock’s claim to fame is its precision time-keeping and the fact that it never needs to be set. The clock has a built-in antenna system that receives signals from the WWVB radio transmitter in Fort Collins, Colorado, which is in turn is regulated by the atomic clock. Once you install the battery and choose one of four U. S. time zones, the clock automatically sets to the accurate time in hours, minutes, and seconds, and continues to adjust itself six times daily. This low-maintenance clock even automatically adjusts for daylight savings time, so you never need to remember to spring ahead or fall backward. This radio-controlled clock is covered by a 1-year warranty and runs on one AA battery (not included).

la crosse technology wt-3161bk 16-inch stainless steel atomic clock

16 inch brushed aluminum wall clock features atomic time and automatic updates for Daylight saving time. Large numerals and metal hands. Black dial and white numbers.

These analog display wall clocks are great for outdoor usage since the bright sunlight and glare makes it difficult to view digital displays. Whats more, these wall clocks have thermometer and hygrometer for outdoor temperature and humidity measurements.

Best Temperature Monitoring Outdoor Wall Clocks

springfield 91572 dual sided outdoor thermometer and clock with wall bracket

The 91572 Springfield Attractive Antique Wall-Mounting Station Clock/Thermometer with Glass Lens’, for Indoor/Outdoor Use is painted with a UV and weather resistant paint. The 91572 is styled after the European train station clocks of bygone days. One side of this metal clock has a quartz clock and the other side features an F scale thermometer. This is decorative as well as functional in a Patio or porch setting.

acurite 01061 24-inch patina indoor outdoor wall clock with thermometer and hygrometer

This clock features built-in temperature and humidity gauges that allow you to check comfort conditions at a glance. Durable weather resistant housing makes this clock combination the perfect accent for indoor or outdoor decorating. One-year limited warranty. It’s more than accurate, it’s AcuRite.

acurite 01063 15-inch combo clock with thermometer and hygrometer, copper patina

Smaller version of the above AcuRite

acurite 02418 14-inch faux-slate indoor outdoor wall clock with thermometer, hygrometer

springfield decorative 14-inch patio thermometer with clock

14″ Patio Thermometer and Clock

timekeeper round wallclock with black frame and temperature barometric gauges, 12-inch

12-Inch Round wall clock with black frame black dial and temperature and humidity gauges. Requires 1 AA Battery, not included.

fine life 3 in 1 weather station wall clock


fineline 00660 3 in 1 weather station wall clock

Finelife 3 In 1 Weather Station Wall Clock Check Out The Time And Temperature. All In One Outdoor/indoor Wall Clock With Hydrometer And Thermometer Function. Quartz Clock With Hour, Minute And Sweep Second Hands. Thermometer With Celsius And Fahrenheit. Humidity Meter To Determine Whether It Is Very Dry, Normal Or Humid. * Weather Station Wall Clock* 3 Functions Time Humidity Temperature* All In One Outdoor/ Indoor Wall Clock With Hydrometer And Thermometer Function.* Quartz Clock With Hour, Minute And Sweep Second Hands* Thermometer With Celsius And Fahrenheit* Humidity Meter To Determine Whether It Is Very Dry, Normal And Humid* Uses 1 X Aa Battery* Size: 11.4 X 9.8 X 1.4 Inches

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