Best Belkin Surge Protectors With USB Charging Ports

A surge protector with USB charging ports is a very useful device to ensure your electronic devices are not damaged by electric current spikes commonly caused by lightning storms. It is especially convenient for travel because you can charge your personal gadgets such as notebooks, tablet PC, digicams, iPod, iPad, phones etc using the USB outlet. You can leave all the device specific chargers at home and free up your luggage space with a lightweight and portable surge protector with USB charging ports.

Belkin Mini Surge Protector Dual USB Charger Review

belkin 3-outlet mini surge protector with usb ports (2.1 amp)

BST300bg Surge Suppressors

We highly recommend to buy the Belkin Mini Surge Protector Dual USB Charger, especially if you are looking for a compact portable surge protector/USB charger. It provides 36,000A maximum spike current surge protection on all 5 outlets and a rated 918 Joules energy dissipation. Belkin also offers a $75,0000 lifetime warranty on connected equipment protection.

It has a 360 degree rotating plug with four locking positions for connecting this surge protector in tight spaces. There is a green LED indicator light to show whether the power source is properly grounded. An USB to mini-USB cable is also included for you to charge your USB devices such as digicams, iPhones, iPod, BlackBerry etc. While this Belkin mini surge protector with USB charging ports is not exactly small size, but it will be difficult to find a better or smaller surge protector with 2 AC outlets and USB charging outlets.

Buy Belkin USB Surge Protectors

Check out the cheap discount price for Belkin surge protectors with USB outlets when you buy online now! There are more reviews available for all USB surge protectors shown here, just click on the images for more info and pricing.

belkin 3-outlet mini travel swivel charger surge protector with dual usb ports, 5 charging outlets total (1 amp / 5 watt)

Hotel rooms and airport terminals never seem to have enough power outlets to charge all the devices today’s traveler brings along. Now you can add outlets and peace of mind on business trips and vacations with the Belkin Mini Surge Protector. AC Plug Style: Wall Mount, EMI/RFI Noise Filtration: 150kHz ~ 100MHz up to 40 dB reduction , Joule Rating: 918J, Maximum Spike Current: 36,000A , Number of Outlets (total): 5 (3 AC, 2 USB), Powered USB Output: 5V/500mA each port, Responses Time: <1 nanosecond.

belkin 6-outlet wall mount surge protector with dual usb ports (1 amp / 5 watt)

The Advanced Surge Protector is perfect for the home office or professional workstation. Voltage fluctuations, surges, and spikes can damage your computer and peripherals and degrade overall performance. Belkin’s Advanced Surge Protector safeguards your personal computer, printer, hard drives, modems, and other hard-to-replace equipment against damage, data loss, file corruption, and system crashes.900 Joule energy rating provides superior power protection for all your sensitive home office devices.2 USB Ports (1.6A) offer one-source charging for USB-enabled devices.

belkin conserve valet with energy-saving usb charging station (wireless phone accessory)

The Conserve Valet Smart USB Charging Station lets you charge all of your mobile devices in one convenient place, and automatically shuts off power – including standby power – after devices are fully charged. It even senses when new devices are added so you always get a full charge. The product itself draws zero power when not in use – so you can keep your devices ready to go without wasting energy.

belkin 8 outlet surge protector with usb

Belkin Surge Protector 8 Outlet With USB

belkin 1-outlet surge protector with usb port (1 amp / 5 watt)

Belkin Surge Protector 1 Outlet With USB

belkin 3-outlet mini travel swivel charger surge protector with dual usb ports (1 amp / 5 watt)

Belkin BZ103050QTVL 3-Outlet Mini Surge Protector With USB Charger

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