Best Electric Snow Throwers Under $100, $200, $300

We have listed electric snow throwers according to their price category and snow throwing capacity. Check out the discount prices for electric snow throwers from Toro, Greenworks, Snow Joe, WOR, Yard Machines etc. The main advantages of electric snow throwers are they are more environmentally friendly compared to those that run on gas, light weight and easier to maintain.

Best Electric Snow Throwers Under $100

Generally, electric snow throwers under $100 are considered ultralight and suitable for blowing away snow fall on steps, walkways, decks, and small driveways. They can cut up to 6 inches deep of snow per pass and is easy to operate since no gas is needed. However, if you need to clear a large driveway, it is recommended to buy a bigger snow thrower instead.

snow joe 322p 12-inch 75 amp electric snow thrower

The Factory Reconditioned TJ601E-RM Tiller Joe Max 9 AMP Electric Tiller/Cultivator holds the power found in a gas tiller with the convenience of electric power. Its six steel angled tines enable the Tiller Joe Max to loosen the ground and make any planting

snow joe 323e 13-inch 10-amp electric snow shovel

Toss out your shovel! The Snow Joe® Plus 323E electric snow shovel is designed to clear snow from decks, steps and walkways. The 323E boasts a powerful 10-amp motor and can toss snow up to 20 feet. The Snow Joe® Plus 323E clears a path 13-inch wide, by 6-inch deep getting your job done in no time. If you have even more snow than that, simply remove it with another pass. The Snow Joe® 323E is precisely engineered with a patented back-saving curve to alleviate user strain and reduce fatigue. Weighing less than 14 pounds, the Snow Joe® 323E is light enough to transport around your home. Snow Joe® Plus 323E is CSA rated and comes with a two year warranty.

toro electric power shovel - 12in clearing width, 75 amp electric motor, model 38361

The Toro Electric Power Shovel can clear 300 lbs. of snow per minute, perfect for clearing decks, walks and patios with a lightweight design that is easy to maneuver. Electric power means you’ll never run out of fuel or have to mix oil and gas together. Power Curve rotor and inverted funnel housing efficiently move snow to reduce clogging. Headlight: No, Start Type: Electric, Auger Type: 2 blade curved rotor, Engine: 7.5 Amp, Product Style: Walk-behind, Throw Distance (ft.): 20, Blower Type: Single-stage, Clearing Width (in.): 12, Drive System: Poly V-belt

power smart db5004 9-amp electric snow thrower

Great for removing snow in steps, walkways, decks and small driveways. powered with a 9 amp motor, this power smart snow thrower can throw snow up to 20 feet. using electricity, not gas or oil, this machine is easy to use and maintain.

Best Electric Snow Throwers Under $200

These bigger 12 amp electric snow throwers have a typical clearing depth of 10 inches and 20 inch width per pass, making it easier and faster to throw snow off big driveways. These 12 amps snow throwers have larger rubber wheels making it easier to maneuver compared to snow shovels. If you do not want to waste 2 hours every morning just to clear snow buildup on your drive way this year’s winter, buy a correct size electric snow thrower.

toro 38361 power shovel 75 amp electric snow thrower

With a 12-inch cutting width and a 20-foot throwing distance, you’ll clear your snow quickly. With a snow-throwing capacity of 300 pounds per minute, you can clear 4 inches of snow off a 50-by-20-foot driveway down to the pavement in just 20 minutes. With a clearing width of 12 inches and a snow cut depth up to 6 inches per pass, the Power Shovel will let you clean off walkways with a couple quick passes. And weighing in at just 13 pounds, the snow blower can be lifted, turned, and twisted with ease.

snow joe sj621 18-inch 135-amp electric snow thrower with headlight

Easy-to-use machine that can tackle heavier snowfall on large driveways and walkways. Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 electric snow thrower delivers the power of a gas machine with the convenience of an electric unit. Driven by a 13.5 amp motor, the Snow Joe Ultra moves up to 650 pounds of snow per minute. Its durable, 4 blade rotor, constructed of heavy grade steel, cuts a full 18” wide and 10” deep with each pass, clearing 2150 square feet per hour. It includes a 20 watt halogen light. In addition to its hard-working plowing capacity, the Snow Joe Ultra features an adjustable discharge chute that rotates a complete 180 degrees to provide full control over the snow discharge direction. The chute deflector can also be adjusted to control the height of the snow stream. Easy-glide pivot wheels make the Snow Joe Ultra easy to turn and maneuver on each pass. The scraper blade at the base of the unit efficiently scrapes the snow clear to the pavement. The Snow Joe Ultra SJ621, is powered electrically, making it effortless to start and maintain. No gas, oil, or tune-ups are necessary. The unit is ETL-approved and carries a full two year warranty.

greenworks 26032 12 amp 20" corded snow thrower

The Greenworks 20-Inch 12 Amp Electric Snow Thrower is an easy-to-use alternative to gas-powered snow throwers. Using a 12 amp motor, it clears a 20-inch path in snow up to 10 inches deep, and discharges snow up to 20 feet away. You can discharge snow in any direction with the 180-degree directional chute. An adjustable handle, 6-inch radial wheels, and a cord lock make this tool easy to use. This electric snow thrower does not put out carbon emissions.

power smart db5023 18-inch 13 amp electric snow thrower

With the power smart db5023 13 amp electric snow thrower in hand, clearing off sidewalks, driveways and patios is no longer a tiresome chore in winter. equipped with a 13 amp electric motor, this snow thrower is capable of cutting snow up to 18-Inch in width and 8-Inch in depth in one pass. its durable rubber-tipped auger is capable of throwing snow up to 30 feet. 180-degree adjustable chute allows you to throw snow in any direction you like, with its oversized chute handle designed for easy use with winter gloves. the hand grip is coated with foam for comfortable use in cold winter and an oversized auxiliary handle is designed for easy carrying.

wen 5662 snow blaster 13 amp electric snow thrower, 18-inch

Remember when the snow trapped your car in the garage? With the WEN Snow Blaster 18-inch Electric Snow Thrower, you’ll be able to clear a path through the snowfall up to 18 inches wide and 10 inches deep. The Snow Blaster picks up snow using its 13 Amp engine and blasts it up to 30 feet away in the direction of your choice. The pivoting snow chute includes a hand crank to easily rotate the aim of the blast a full 180 degrees. The lightweight design along with the 4.5 by 1.5 inch wheels allow for easy steering through the coldest of terrains. And because it is a WEN Product, your Snow Blaster will come backed by a one-year warranty, a nationwide network of skilled technicians, and a helpful and friendly customer service line.

mtd 31a-050-706 14-inch 11-amp electric single stage snow thrower

The electric start single stage snow thrower features a 11-amp electric motor. This unit comes with a EZ Chute and a auger assisted drive type.

snow joe 324e 10 amp electric snow shovel with light, 11-inch

The Snow Joe® Plus 324E electric snow shovel is a compact yet lightweight tool that is ideal for quick snow pickups on patios, decks, steps and sidewalks. Packed with a powerful 10-amp motor, the Snow Joe® Plus moves up to 300 pounds of snow in just one minute of use! Say goodbye to the gas can, the oil and the backbreaking shovel. The Snow Joe® Plus makes snow removal quick, easy and effortless without polluting the atmosphere with toxic emissions. Featuring a durable 2-blade paddle auger, the Snow Joe® Plus throws snow up to 20 feet, clearing a path 11-inches wide and up to 6-inches deep with each pass. If you’ve been pounded with more than a 6-inch snowfall, you can still use your Snow Joe®Plus. Start by removing snow off the top layer and then work your way down until you have a clear path to the ground. Engineered with a patented back-saving handle, the Snow Joe® Plus gets the job done without the strain and fatigue associated with the labor-intensive shovel. Plus, it’s equipped with a 2 W LED light, so you can clear paths anytime, day or night. Weighing only 14 pounds, the Snow Joe® Plus can be easily transported onto your deck, patio or steps, and is compact enough to fit inside a hall closet for convenient access. Backed by Snow Joe’s full 2-year warranty, the Snow Joe® Plus is sure to weather many storms and is the tool you’ll depend on for quick and easy snow removal.

maztang electric snow thrower

The Maztang MT988 Electric snow thrower is designed to move up to 800 lbs of snow per minute. Its powerful 13 amps electric motor can easily clear snow 18 inches wide and 10 inches thick from driveways, walkways, and pavements. It comes with a 180 degree adjustable chute, easily adjusted lever, and can discharge snow as high as 30 feet in different directions. Its ergonomic handle covered with high quality foam that gives you a complete control. It weights only 26 lbs for maximum portability. The Maztang MT988 snow thrower is maintenance free. No tuneups is necessary. When not in use, simply unplug, folds the handle for compact storage. Light assembly of handle and lever is required.

Best Electric Snow Throwers Under $300

These powerful electric snow throwers are equipped with 15 amp electric motor designed to move up to 700 pounds of snow per minute. The weight is around 25 pounds so that anyone can use it comfortably unlike heavy duty gas powered snow throwers. Each pass clears up to 12 inches deep of snow.

snow joe sj622e 15-ampere ultra electric snow thrower

Built to handle big driveways and deep snowfalls, the Snow Joe Ultra sj622e can move 720-Pounds of snow per minute. It cuts a swath 18-Inch wide and 10-Inch deep with each pass, and a scraper blade efficiently scrapes the snow clear to the pavement all without significant strain on your body. And because this snow thrower is powered by electricity instead of gas, it is incredibly easy to start and maintain. With an adjustable discharge chute, which rotates a complete 180-Degree, and a chute deflector that can be adjusted to control the height of the snow stream produced by the thrower, you have complete control over where the snow you move ends up. The sj622e corded electric design means that you never have to worry about dead batteries, running out of gas, or making the right gas oil mix. And its electric engine doesn’t require the costly regular maintenance of a combustion addition, with pushbutton instant start technology, you can trust that this snow thrower will be ready to work whenever you are no frustrating, arm-wrenching pull starts required.

snow joe sj623e 15-ampere ultra electric snow thrower with light

The dependable snow joe ultra sj621 is etl inspected and approved, and is backed by a full two year warranty and the body of the sj621 is easy to maneuver and control. Compact, easy glide, pivot wheels make it easy to turn the snow thrower at the end of each pass, while the thrower’s ergonomic grips make it easy and comfortable to direct. In addition to making handling easier, the thrower’s compact shape also makes storing the unit more convenient in between winter storms.

snow joe sj624e ultra electric snow thrower, 21-inch

Max Clearing Power! Make quick work out of the heavy white stuff nature throws your way with the deluxe size Snow Joe Ultra SJ624E, the largest electric snow thrower currently on the market to date. Boasting a powerful 14-amp motor, this snow-throwing dynamo can move up to 730 pounds of snow per minute! Its durable, steel auger features 2 rubber blades that cut a swath 21-inches wide by 11.8-inches deep with each pass, so you can clean up large areas fast. Equipped with a 180 adjustable chute, the Ultra SJ624E throws snow up to 20 feet away in the direction you want it to go. Easy-glide wheels make the Snow Joe Ultra super easy to turn and maneuver. Plus, the scraper blade at the base of the unit efficiently scrapes the snow clear to the ground without damaging your deck or pavement. Delivering the performance of a gas machine with the convenience of electric power, the Ultra SJ624E is the smart, eco-friendly choice for snow removal this winter. No gas, no oil, no maintenance, no fuss! GET EQUIPPED with the Snow Joe Ultra and clear out fast from tough winter messes. ETL approved; Full 2-year warranty.

worx wg650 18-inch 13 amp electric snow thrower

The WORX 18 inch snow thrower will help you get through winter with ease. Powered by a high performance 13 amp electric mower capable of slicing a path 18 inches wide by 9 inches deep and throwing snow up to 30 feet, clearing snow from your walkway and driveway will be a breeze. This WORX snow thrower is ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue and increase user comfort – its 3-position adjustable handle lets you choose the appropriate height and the collapsible/ foldable handle makes the unit ultra compact for off season storage. For added convenience, the 180 degree rotating chute comes with oversized chute adjusters for easy use with winter gloves and the handlebar mounted chute directional control is easily accessible. It is equipped with compact wheels for improved maneuverability and the rubber-tipped steel auger makes throwing large amounts of snow easy.

snow joe ion13ss 40-volt cordless snow shovel with rechargeable ecosharp lithium-ion battery, 13-inch

Charge up for winter! New to the Snow Joe® lineup is the Snow Joe® iON13SS 40 V 13-inch cordless snow shovel. Ideal for quick, easy and CORD-FREE snow pickups on decks, steps, patios and sidewalks, the iON13SS combines innovation and functionality to deliver the ultimate grab-n-go snow-busting tool. EcoSharp® Battery Technology. Powered by EcoSharp® technology, Snow Joe’s® patented rechargeable 40-volt 4.0 Ah lithium-ion battery system, the iON13SS delivers up to 52 minutes of whisper-quiet runtime with zero carbon emissions for cleaner air. No pull-cords, gas, oil, tune-ups or tangled extension cords to cause unnecessary frustration! Innovative Brushless System. The iON13SS features an innovative 500 W brushless motor that increases the battery’s efficiency and delivers the power to blast through 300 pounds of snow per minute. The brushless system also produces less noise and vibration and extends the life of the motor for maximum durability and reliable performance. User-Friendly Features. The Snow Joe iON13SS starts instantly with the simple push of a button and its patented back-saving handle maximizes operator comfort during use. Its lightweight and compact design makes it easy to tote onto your deck or steps to clear out fast. It also stores neatly inside a hall closet for convenient on-the-go access. Equipped with a heavy-duty, 2-blade paddle auger, the iON13SS throws snow up to 25 feet, clearing a path 13-inches wide by 6-inches deep with each pass. Its durable scraper bar at the base of the unit lets you clear right to the ground without damaging your deck or pavement. GET EQUIPPED® this winter with the Snow Joe® iON13SS – the easy, convenient and cordless solution to get snow out of your way on your snow day. ETL approved; Full 2-year warranty; Energy Star certified.

snow joe sj623e ultra series 150 amp 18 in electric snow thrower with light

Includes Ultra Series 15.0 Amp 18 in. Electric Snow Thrower with Light – SJ623E, 20 Watt Headlight, Clean Out Tool

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