Best Rockwell Jawhorse Workbench & Jawhorse Accessories

A jawhorse is an essential tool for many home improvement projects, allowing you to work alone without the assistance of a second person to help you hold things in place. It is important to buy a well designed jawhorse that provides a secure clamping force and has good stability with all kinds of ground and terrain. That is why we highly recommend to try the Rockwell Folding Jawhorse series.

Rockwell RK Jawhorse Review

rockwell rk9002 jawhorse sheetmaster hold and clamp 48-inch plywood sheets

The Rockwell RK9002 JawHorse Sheetmaster is the only workstation you will need thanks to its more than one ton of clamping force, rock-solid all-steel construction, portable folding design, and foot pedal for hands-free clamping and working. For additional expediency, its lock-release switch allows you to lock material such as a full sheet of plywood in place and easily release it with the flick of a switch, making the JawHorse Sheetmaster a convenient and reliable addition to the workshop or job site.

RK9002 JawHorse Sheetmaster At a Glance:

  • Hold up to 48-inch sheets in one tool with hands-free clamping force
  • Quickly folds down to a portable 43 pounds with built-in straight-line wheels for easier portability
  • Dimensions: 39 inches by 39 inches by 34 inches standing; 29 inches by 14 inches by 13 inches folded
  • Backed by a five-year limited warranty

Powerful Clamping Potential
If you can lift it, you can clamp it. The JawHorse Sheetmaster’s powerful clamping jaws allow you to securely clamp virtually anything, so you have hands-free access to safely complete your project. You can even clamp wide items like doors or full sheets of plywood thanks to the 49-inch clamping width. Simply set it, lock it, and clamp it.

Versatile Workbench
Thanks to its flexible design, the JawHorse lets you get your projects up and off the ground at a comfortable working height. Simply clamp an ordinary piece of plywood into the JawHorse and you have a perfect workbench. You can even use it on the job site as a sturdy platform for miter saws, tile saws, and more. Plus, the tripod base gives exceptional all-terrain stability and the front legs incorporate holes to allow for fastening for more permanent jobs.

Vice and Machine Press
Whether you’re bending metal or straightening it, the JawHorse Sheetmaster’s strength and stability allow you to be aggressive with your work. The JawHorse Sheetmaster is made of solid steel and has 10 times the clamping power of a regular vise. It also features the industrial pressing power of a one-ton machine press.

What’s in the Box
One Rockwell RK9002 JawHorse Sheetmaster.

Rockwell Folding JawHorse Sheetmaster

The JawHorse Sheetmaster is easily foldable and at 43 pounds, it’s easy to transport to the job site.
Rockwell RK9002 JawHorse Sheetmaster

Rockwell Jawhorse Accessories

rockwell jawhorse rk9204 work table accessory attachment

The Rockwell Jawhorse Work Table attaches easily and conveniently to your Jawhorse to provide a stable and solid work station for completing all your renovation projects. Converts the Jawhorse Work Station into a heavy-duty split-style work table. The table allows for handsfree clamping as the table halves are controlled using the foot pedal action of the Jawhorse. 220-lb. load capacity. Application: Converts Jawhorse into a heavy-duty split-style work table, Capacity (lbs.): 220, Dimensions L x W x H (in.): 24 x 14

rockwell jawhorse foldable plywood jaw, model# rk9206

The foldable Plywood Jaw modifies the Jawhorse Work Station for handsfree clamping of large sheet goods like plywood up to 50in. wide. Padded jaw protects sheet edges. Outriggers allow sheets up to 8-ft. wide. For sheets wider than 4 feet, outriggers with support legs are needed. The Plywood Jaw includes brackets to make these supports simply with basic 2 x 4 lumber.

rockwell jawhorse rk9101 log jaw accessory attachment

This log jaw features rugged steel jaws that hold logs and timber up to 12″ in diameter. The special steel teeth hold the work securely for sawing, carving, etc.. It includes special vises that fold out to hold a chainsaw blade for sharpening. The saw is held fixed, yet the blade is allowed to turn freely. Ideal for landscaping, fencing, firewood and chainsaw sculptors. Material: zinc coated steel plate.

rockwell jawhorse rk9109 plywood jaw accessory attachment

The plywood jaw adapts the Jawhorse workbench for large sheet goods up to 52 wide. Outriggers are required for sheets up to 4 wide. For sheets wider than 4, outriggers with support legs are needed. The plywood jaw includes brackets to make these supports simply with basic 2 x 4 lumber.

rockwell jawhorse rk9100 welding station accessory attachment

The Jawhorse Welding Station is designed to work with the Jawhorse Work Station (Item# 253800; sold separately) or Jawhorse Sheetmaster (Item# 23049; sold separately) as a second pair of hands to hold items while welding. Fully adjustable holding arms position the workpiece at any angle. Cast aluminum jaws allow for maximum conductivity. Extra-deep V-grooves hold pipe securely, and front and rear ground lead bosses insure perfect, no-fuss connection.

rockwell jawhorse rk9110 miter saw station accessory attachment

Instantly mounts any miter saw
Super simple, no drilling, no tool assembly
Rollers adjust independently up and down, side to side
Add your own 2″x4″ to the roller accessories provided for infeed and outfeed support as wide as you like.
Add your own 2″x4″ legs using the quick clamps provided for further support and maximum stability.

rockwell jawstand rk9033

Need a second set of hands for your next project? You need the JawStand from Rockwell.andnbsp; This easy-to-use work support stand is ideal for holding, clamping, and feeding large work or sheets of materials.andnbsp; Comes fully assembled and ready for duty! Then folds up for quick storage.

rockwell jawhorse rk9102 saddle bag accessory attachment

Simple to attach or removeEasily hangs over the Jawhorse for convenient access toyour tools while you workRolls up for secure, compact tool storage and transportationHeavy rip-resistant nylon is washable and durable Easy Storage for Your ToolsThe Saddlebag hangs on the Jawhorse workbench frame and holds tools and accessories within easy reach of your work. It is a snap to attach and remove. The bag rolls up and holds your tools securely for transporting.

rockwell jawhorse rk9205 tool tray accessory

Includes Jawhorse Tool Tray – RK9205

Best Portable Jawhorses

These are the highly rated portable jawhorse workstations from Rockwell, Triton, Positec, Ridgid. You can compare user reviews for each listed jawhorse and the latest discount prices by clicking on the images.

rockwell rk9000 jawhorse

When you have a job to do that requires a second set of hands, you can turn to the Rockwell Jawhorse portable workstation clamping system. Whether you’re sheetrocking, setting fence posts, or constructing an outdoor playhouse for your children, this unique hands-free portable workstation will help you get the job done.

The Rockwell Jawhorse Portable Workstation Clamping System offers:

  • The ability to accomplish jobs without a second person
  • A trademarked foot pedal that applies up to 2,200 lbs. of force
  • Jaws that can be opened up to 37-inches wide
  • A compact folding design for easy storage

Rockwell RK9000 Jawhorse Single Person Use
You can hang doors and complete other tasks that used to take two people on your own.

Rockwell RK9000 Jawhorse Stable Workstation Clamping System
The stable Jawhorse lets you hold awkward materials securely in place.

Folding Rockwell RK9000 Portable Jawhorse
The Jawhorse can be neatly folded and transported.

Clever, Practical Design Makes Jobs Easier
Whether you’re an occasional do-it-yourselfer or a professional contractor, the Jawhorse will clamp virtually anything you can imagine. The Jawhorse’s serious clamping power lets you accomplish tasks that normally require two people on your own.

The strong and versatile Jawhorse can replace your workbenches, sawhorses, clamps, bench vises, and much more. You can use it to hold work materials in place as you tackle jobs like setting fence posts, hanging doors, installing crown moldings, and placing new sheetrock overhead. Even odd-shaped objects like engine blocks can fit neatly in the Jawhorse’s grip.

rockwell rk9003 jawhorse material support and saw horse

The Rockwell JawHorse leaves the saw horses in the dust. It’s a 1-ton clamping, no hands needed, hold whatever you want, work anywhere you want JAWHORSE. The Jawhorse is the ultimate job site workshop. Its versatility is unmatched-it can be used as a work bench, vice, miter stand, welding station or any other job site application. The one ton clamping force provided by the jaws is foot pedal operated, thereby leaving your hands free to hold the material you are inserting, essentially acting as a third hand for the operator. The jaws also extend to a full 37-Inch, allowing you to insert a standard 36-inch door for sanding or planing. Its fold-down portability and its tripod stance let you take it and use it just about anywhere.

triton sja200 superjaws workbench

Hands-free clamping, elevated work station, sturdy workpiece support this innovative clamping system has it all. A powerful foot-activated 1,000kg clamping mechanism provides controlled clamping pressure allows for hands-free operation. Built-in Reversible jaw enables clamping up to 956mm. Extra-wide tripod base maximizes stability for large workpieces. Robust, powder-coated, all steel construction for long-lasting service life.

ridgid ac9955 superclamp portable work station

Includes SuperClamp Portable Work Station – AC9955, (2) Jaw Facings, Operator’s Manual

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