Happy Nappers Sleeping Bag 2020

These Happy Nappers pillow toys are the latest play pillow plush toys for young preschooling kids. Many kids love to play with pillow pets and love to hug them while sleeping at night.

white unicorn happy nappers, Large 66 x 30 inch

White Unicorn Happy Nappers, Large 66” x 30”
Comfy, Cozy, Compact, Super Soft, Warm, All Season, Sleeping Bag with Pillow
(medium version unicorn also available here)

happy nappers ladybug

Happy Nappers “The Perfect Play Pillow” reverses from a house-shaped pillow into a cuddly friend and back again. Ring the house’s doorbell to hear your Happy Napper’s Sleepy sounds. Simply unzip the door of the house, pop out your Happy Napper, and then tuck the house away behind them. Cuddly companions for long trips of vacations. Happy Nappers “the perfect play pillow”. A perfect carry case to keep all your birds in one place. Ring the Doorbell to hear your Happy Napper’s Sleepy Sounds. 21″ in Size. Collect all of the Styles.

Each Happy Nappers plush animal toy can be reversed to form a house shaped pillow and you can ring its door bell to hear each Happy Napper’s sleepy sounds. You can unzip the house’s door to flip out the cuddly Happy Nappers plush toy again. Each Happy Nappers plush pillow is 21″ tall and you can choose your kid’s favorite animal design, such as the Happy Nappers Penguin, Happy Nappers Dog, Happy Nappers Ladybug, , Happy Nappers Dragon, Happy Nappers Unicorn etc.

Check out the best discount prices for Happy Nappers animal pillow toys listed below. Buy now before stocks run out or merchants increasing the price tags as Christmas draws near.

Happy Nappers Plush Pillow Toys

happy napper play pillow, penguin to igloo

happy nappers dragon

happy nappers unicorn

happy nappers dog

happy nappers cow

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