Smurf Cake Toppers For Birthdays, Weddings

Are you planning a Smurf theme birthday party and looking for ideas to decorate the birthday cake? Check out these cute Smurf cake toppers that will easily transform a plain looking cake into a fabulous looking Smurf cake that will thrill your kids. They are very affordable and will fit your budget with the low prices of Smurf cake toppers.

You can also buy Smurf mini figures that are 2 inches tall. These can also be used as cake decorations, and given away as party favors for kids. The pair of Smurf Wedding Figurines will make a great wedding cake topper and collected as a gift for the bride and groom.

Smurf Birthday Cake Toppers

smurfs cake kit

Create a smurf cake with these cake toppers.

the smurfs edible image cake topper

Easy to use edile cake topper. Simply remove from the backing sheet and place on top of your cake.

smurf figure 275" candle

Smurfs Party Cake Candle. One Smurfs Party Cake Candle is 2 1/4″ high! Perfect for the Birthday Cake!

Smurf Mini Figures Cake Toppers

surprise smurfette

At fifty years young, Smurfette still likes a big surprise.

2011 the smurfs movie 15" inch figurines set of 7 figures

The Smurfs Movie Series, Set of 7 collectible figurines. Collectibles are brand new, each of them packaged in their own plastic bag for shipping protection. Official Disney License product. Shipped with tracking number for your convenience

2011 smurfs the movie exclusive figure set of 16 smurf character toys

Complete Set of all 16 McDonalds Happy Meal The Smurfs characters.

The SmurfsTM Happy Meal brings the fun of Smurfs to kids with 16 different characters –
each featured in an iconic pose that captures their unique personality.

1 Papa – Character includes a stargazer, red hat & pants.
2 Smurfette – Girl character with orange flower.
3 Handy – Character with a removable board.
4 Baker – Character leaning on rolling pin.
5 Clumsy – Character holding a yellow magic wand.
6 Brainy – Character holding a black walky-talky.
7 Farmer – Character with shovel and a red bird.
8 Gutsy – Character in marching pose with a Scottish kilt.
9 Jokey – Character holding a yellow and red gift.
10 Painter – Character with painters pallet and paintbrush.
11 Greedy – Character with purple smurfberries.
12 Hefty – Character lifting apple weights.
13 Grouchy – Character with pink butterfly.
14 Vanity – Character holding mirror.
15 Chef – Character with tasting spoon.
16 Panicky – Character with knee pads and worried expression.

Smurf Wedding Cake Toppers

bride & groom wedding smurf figurine set toy mini cupcake cake topper

Remember these little blue cuties? The Smurfs are back and are sweeping the nation once again with their cheerful smiles and exciting adventures. Enhance your Smurf collection or treat a youngster to these classic characters with this Smurf Figurine.
Smurf Bride & Groom
Wedding bells are ringing in Smurf Village– Smurfette has finally chosen among her suitors! This pair of Smurf Wedding Figurines would make a great gift for the bride and groom to be. Or, try using them as your wedding cake topper! This duo is an absolute must for any Smurf collector.

Hand-painted resin. Recommended for ages 3+. Each measures approximately 2″ tall.

schleich smurfs smurfette bride

Sniffing her pretty pink flowers, the Smurf Bride makes one last wish.

bridegroom smurf

With arm extended, the Bridegroom takes another look at his beautiful blue Bride.

Buy Smurf Cupcake Rings

smurf cupcake rings - set of 12 - papa smurf, smurfette, smurf

Smurf cupcake rings. Perfect for the party. Smurf up your cupcakes with these Smurfs Cupcake Rings as toppers! 3 designs. (12 per pack)

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